Abruzzo in sweet poetry

Today it’s drizzling, but sometimes it’s nice to stay at home. I usually take the opportunity to dedicate myself to some of my passions.

One of these is the cuisine and, to be honest, I love making desserts.
Being very demanding and greedy I always go in search of delicacies of our tradition, in the preparation of which are only used genuine products of the area.

Thinking about my beloved territory I remembered to have recently bought a truly unique book, “Sapori e paesaggi del cuore” (Flavors and landscapes of the Heart) which, between verses and photographs, tells the recipes of the Abruzz tradition.
I was pushed to buy it when in a review I read that Franca Prosperi, the author, begins like this:

Dear Abruzzo, you are a living poetry.

I found myself in these words because Abruzzo emanates musicality and perfumes from all over its territory.
So… I flip through the pages of the book and decide what to prepare:
in the fridge I have the basket of fresh eggs given to me by Lucia and the sheep’s ricotta taken yesterday by Nino, our shepherd of Giumentina Valley.
The rest is all poetry: ricotta scented with lemon and cinnamon, eggs, brown sugar and raisins soaked in cooked must.

The hand-made spelled dough is ready to welcome this goodness in
spoonfuls and my hands quickly wrap them in a ravioli that will be, once cooked in the oven, crisp, fragrant and tender inside.
The result is surprising, like us Abruzzesi, rough in appearance but with a generous heart.

“Sapori e paesaggi del Cuore …luoghi e ricette abruzzesi in versi”
Pubblished by Artemia Nova
written by Franca Prosperi

Sephard of Giumentina Valley, sells cheeses and ricotta.

Farm stay Abbateggio, fresh eggs.

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