The pleasure of a Tui Na massage

The power of the Majella to regenerate body and mind is even more enriched thanks to the Tui Na Massages.

Travelling is a unique experience, especially in regions like Abruzzo where every corner hides a wonderful place to discover and explore. But sometimes, what you need is just a little peace in a relaxing and welcoming place, far from civilization and surrounded by nature.

This is exactly what is offered by Case Catalano: comfortable apartments immersed in the green of the Giumentina Valley. Imagine yourself on a deckchair, while a light breeze coming from the woods and the mountain is readily blowing away the excessive summer heat. Don’t you feel better already?

Now imagine that an expert masseuse, like the operator Federica Pitucci, is there for you, to take care of your body and to allow you to further relax your body and mind and find a new balance. This summer you can do just that!

In fact, on Saturdays and Sundays, you can book a Tui Na massage in the shade of our forest or in the quiet of the apartment of your choice. Here are the types of massages you can request:

  • Legs-back;
  • Neck-shoulder and arms-back;
  • Legs-feet;
  • Neck-back-legs;
  • Total body.

Do you want to know more about Tui Na Massage?

Belonging to Traditional Chinese Medicine, its aim is to balance the energies that govern the body. In fact, it is an excellent method to prevent or to heal physical imbalances.

Among the main actions it can:

  • activate and maintain blood circulation and qi (energy);
  • remove the obstructions of the channels that cause inflammation and pain;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • relax muscles and tendons;
  • lubricate the joints and increase elasticity;
  • restore psycho-physical well-being.

It is particularly indicated for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, but also in the pediatric, gynaecological and anxious sectors.

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