Visit to the city of Chieti

This afternoon, Carmine and I decided to go to Chieti, the ancient Maruccina town, which is only 28 km our from our Residences. You can easily reach it by taking the provincial road or by taking the highway from Scafa up to Chieti Scalo and then reaching Chieti town. We remembered that many prehistoric finds discovered in the Giumentina Valley 

are kept in the University Museum. This is a purely scientific museum. It is interesting the paleontological collection with specimens from all over the world, from the earliest forms of terrestrial life to the remains of the dinosaurs. It ranges from collections of human skeletons to mummies, from the botanical to the zoological collection. From June to September the Museum is open every day and is located in Piazza Trento and Trieste. The website is tel. 0871 3553514. Admission is € 3.00, children up to 6 years and adults over 65 enter free.
After visiting the Museum we returned to Abbateggio, but before we stopped at the San Valentino ice cream shop, excellent ice cream.


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